Jio Bharat Phone ASR CPU Flash Tool LF012 , LF062 , KW101 , JBV162W1 FREE

Jio Bharat Phone ASR CPU Flash Tool LF012 , LF062 , KW101 , JBV162W1 FREE

The ASR CPU Flash Tool stands out as a key player in the realm of mobile repairing, specifically designed for flashing Jio’s new keypad phones. This tool has gained prominence for its compatibility and efficiency in handling the firmware flashing process on devices equipped with various CPU architectures.

Jio Bharat Phone ASR CPU Flash Tool Download Free

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How to use ASR CPU Flash Tool:

  • Download and Unzip ASR CPU Flashing Tool: Begin by downloading the ASR CPU Flashing tool and unzip Extract the files to access its c omponents.
  • Run “Aboot Application” in ASR CPU Flash Tool Folder: Open the ASR CPU flashing tool folder and run the “aboot application” to load the flash file.
  • Select ZIP Flash File in Release Package Search Tab: Navigate to the Release Package Search tab and choose the ZIP flash file for the desired Jio phone.
  • Start Downloading: Once the packet file is successfully loaded, click on the “Start downloading” button within the tool.
  • Switch Off Phone and Connect USB Cable: Turn off your Jio phone, press the * key, and connect the USB cable to both the phone and the PC.
  • Tool Shows “Progress” on Successful Connection: Upon a successful connection, the tool will display a “Progress” status, indicating the comencement of the flashing process.
  • Monitor Progress During Software Upgrade: The tool will continuously show progress indicators as it performs the software upgrade on the connected Jio phone.
  • Successful Completion –“Passed” Message: Upon successful completion of the software upgrade, a “Passed” message will be displayed in the tool.
  • Stop Downloading and Disconnect the Phone: Click on the stop downloading icon within the tool and safely disconnect the Jio phone, completing the flashing process.

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